Green Building

Alternative Solutions

Creative Vision

Reliable & Honest

Impeccable Results

Attention to Detail

Troubleshooting Expert

Complete Understanding of all phases of Construction & Building "from the ground up"

I do ALL of the work myself in order to ensure quality and craftsmanship.I am a third generation builder.Having been in the industry since I was a child, I have a great understanding of all aspects of building, along with the knowledge of the best possible solutions to solve problems that may arise throughout the building process.

I posses a great understanding of Ca. building codes, and building standards

I am an expert in fine carpentry, and fabrication.

I am open to projects big and small, and generally work alongside DT Construction on larger projects.

I understand budget restraints, and I will work with you when it comes to time lines and cost. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you, and helping you to create the space of your dreams!

Go Green!!!

Cost Effective & Inexpensive

Environmentally Friendly

Lower Fresh Water Use

I specialize in installing inexpensive, cost effective, Grey Water Systems (water recycling systems) for residential or commercial use.

Recycling waste water from showers, sinks, and laundry for use in irrigation & toilet flushing. You can save approximately 575 gallons of water a week by using a Grey water recycling system!!! That's 30,000 gallons a year

In order to ensure you the best, most efficient, water saving system. I will design the system to fit your family, and home's requirements.

 I can help you save money & help reduce your water use at the same time!

Paint your ROOF!

Save Money on Cooling Costs

Reduce Green House Gasses

There are two properties of cool roof coatings which keep roof surfaces cool in the sun:

    * High reflectivity to reflect away the sun's energy instead of absorbing it.

    * High emissivity to radiate away any energy they do absorb.

~Cool coatings have solar reflectivities of 60-75%, while conventional roofing materials have reflectivities of only 5-25%. Most roofing materials have emissivities which are a healthy 90% or higher.

~Conventional roof surfaces with low reflectivity and high emissivity heat to 160-190° F at midday during the summer. Metal or aluminum coated roofs with high reflectivity and low emissivity still warm to 140-170° F. Cool coated roofs, with both high reflectivity and emissivity, only reach 100-120° F in the summer sun.

~Cooler roof surface temperatures mean less heat is transferred to the building below. Less heat in the building means it's cooler and more comfortable in the summer since its indoor and ceiling temperatures are lower.

~Cool coating systems can also save cooling energy. Cool roofing has shown 20% to 70% reductions in cooling energy use. (Cooling energy savings vary from building to building due to differences in roof insulation, building configuration, cooling loads, cooling system equipment, the local climate, and other variables.) But the bottom line is, your cooling needs are always decreased by using a cool coating on your roof.

~Cool coatings can also help your roof last longer. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun break down many conventional roofing materials. A cool surface reflects the sun's ultraviolet rays and slows down roof aging. Lower roof temperatures also reduce the rate of any chemical breakdown. A cool coating can increase roof life and significantly decrease roof maintenance and expenditures.

~Cool coatings can also reduce air pollution. Direct reductions in air pollution generated from power plants result when less energy is used to cool a building. Widespread use of cool coatings can also reduce the summertime warming trends or "heat island" effect in our cities, and cooler air in cities slows down the formation of smog, beyond reducing cooling energy needs and emission production.

Use of cool coatings can also reduce the amount of roofing materials produced, used and thrown away. Eleven million tons of roofing waste currently land in U.S. landfills every year. If cool coatings are used to increase roof life this waste can be greatly reduced, and the energy and materials needed to produce new roofing can be conserved.